Thousands of healthcare professionals are close to you and available for a walk-in consultation

Thousands of healthcare professionals are close to you and available for a walk-in consultation

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Filter among the specialties the one that best meets your needs.

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If your situation requires it, call 15 directly from the application.

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Choose the type of medical facility you want.

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Select the healthcare professional who will meet you without an appointment.

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How to easily find a healthcare professional  immediately available?

Save time with on-site waiting time

To keep you informed, the waiting times for each healthcare facility are displayed in real time ...

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… As well as yours.

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Accessible health facilities  without an appointment

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Choose from thousands of medical facilities, ready to welcome you without

appointment, the healthcare professional you need.

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Are you a healthcare professional?

Services Altupro pour professionnel de santé

Manage your free consultations in real time.

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Facilitate access to unscheduled care in your sector

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Optimize your dedicated time with single-purpose consultations

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Keep control of your day-to-day organization

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