Why ALTUrgences?


Computing and networks are great tools when it comes to  to facilitate the exchange of information between two  complementary communities.

Every year, millions of French people go to the emergency room because they don't know where the healthcare professionals are.  immediately available at the time of their need, while thousands of health professionals close to them have organized their agendas so that they can receive them in  consultation  without an appointment.

The two ends were looking for each other but not found, a link in the chain was missing.

Alturgences is that missing link. We created and developed this application to fill this lack of information and interactivity in real time, convinced that it  will improve the patient experience and their care path, optimize the daily life of healthcare professionals but also streamline emergency services.


  • Co-Founder

  • Director of ALTUrgences

  • Initial Student at EEMI

  • Old  top athlete


  • Co-Founder

  • Former business manager

  • Former top athlete